Signal 8 Press


Signal 8 Press focuses mainly on the Asia – Pacific region, publishing engaging fiction and nonfiction written in English. There’s a lot more to the Pacific Rim than chopsticks, smog, and The Chinese Market. There is an amazing sense of energy, possibility, and creativity here, and this is something we hope to tap into and share with the world. It seems to be working: we have become recognized for our interesting lineup of books and our editorial excellence, and we’re optimistic about what is to come.

We have branched out a bit since we launched, and now have titles in print and forthcoming that focus on the Middle East. Like East Asia, the Muslim world is a region the whole world is watching and ought to know more about.

Our former imprint Lightning Originals is now a line of books within Signal 8 Press. Lightning Originals publishes darker, edgier works of fiction — mysteries, thrillers, horror, urban fantasy — with or without the Asian focus. In general, think genre and commercial. While we love literary fiction and are always on the lookout for quality writing, this is the shamelessly commercial side of the house.

Signal 8 Press releases most books as e-books and print/POD paperbacks. The e-books precede the print books by about a month. We also commission standard print runs for books of interest to the Hong Kong market.

In some cases, we  release a short, free e-book teaser to support our new releases: Chronology of an Egg and Watering Heaven; Hellbent and Handover; Never Turn Away and Bitter Orange. The have cover images that coordinate with the main titles, and they either include excerpts or work that is otherwise related in some way. We’ve found that it helps authors to have a free title to give away for marketing purposes. Which helps us. And they look cool.

We are particularly interested in travel memoir, biography, and other nonfiction about these regions. At this time, we are not looking for short story collections, picture/photo books, plays, poetry, and experimental writing. We are also unable to consider your story about being an English teacher in Korea. Having published one of those, we don’t want to release other books that will compete with it. Do you have a book that may interest us? Please check out our submission guidelines and email us: typhoonsubmissions [at] gmail [dot] com.