Based on exclusive interviews with 115 students, alumni, and admissions chairs from America’s top colleges, Starr College Guide is a college guide and admissions manual to the Ivy League and other elite American schools. The interviewees, most of whom are from Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region, personalize the college experience for Asian students and their families around the world, and they share their own strategies and secrets for getting admitted. The admissions section of this book contains very clear-cut advice straight from regional admissions personnel from Yale, Penn and Brown. This part of the book details the scores needed for acceptance and tells how to build resumes and stories tailor-made for each university. In addition, this book highlights the career paths graduates are likely to embark on after graduation. Featuring practical admissions strategies and real-life success stories, Starr College Guide is a must for any student from Asia who wants to gain an advantage in the Ivy League admissions process.


Publication date: September 12, 2014
Print edition: TBC
Page count: TBC
ISBN: 978-988-12196-2-6
Price (paper): US$24.95, HK$200
E-book formats: ePub, Kindle, PDF
Word count: 107,000
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Starr College Guide provides useful information and insights to students who plan to apply for competitive universities in the U.S. Starr’s advice is candid and sometimes surprising. Ever since I have known Starr, I have been very impressed by his passion for education, and he truly embodies what an Ivy League education is all about. By interviewing 115 students and alumni of top U.S. universities, he has done extensive and meticulous research in writing this book. I am sure readers will be enlightened and inspired.

    — Jeff Sze, Political Assistant to Secretary for Education (HKSAR Government) and Stanford Club of Hong Kong Officer

Informative, highly readable, and comprehensive — what more can one ask for in a guide to leading US universities? Starr Lam’s book is shot through with thought-provoking facts and opinions that provide a very clear flavor for each school and the types of students who would thrive in them. As both a writer and parent of an aspiring high schooler, I highly recommend this book.

    — Phillip Y Kim, author of Nothing Gained

A comprehensive, well-researched guide that is a must-read for any aspiring student. Starr Lam’s insights and observations are thoughtfully shared and articulated, backed up with solid research. Read this book before even thinking of applying — anywhere.

— Maseena Ziegler, author of Ladies who Launch in Hong Kong and Harvard Kennedy School alumna

Superb Starr, superstar!  What a wonderful guidebook for students who want to get a place in the Ivy League! The information provided in this book is crucial to the success in their applications since Starr himself has graduated from one of the Ivy League universities. What is better than getting first-hand information from someone who has actually involved himself in the admissions process? What is more, Starr has interviewed about 100 students and alumni from the Ivy League for this book. Their experiences will definitely give you a better understanding of why studying at these prestigious universities and colleges is worth all the formalities you need to pass through in the admissions process.

If you aspire to study in the Ivy League, this book will be a good starter. Read it, and you will know what strategies you should adopt, and which Ivy League university or college best suits you. I am sure you will find this book an encyclopaedia of Ivy League universities and colleges, and an all-in-one guide to save your time in collating information for admissions.

— Richard Eng, celebrity tutor, founder of Beacon College, and “Top 10 Outstanding Leaders in Brand Building in China” winner

Author bio

Starr Lam is an education consultant and tutor based in Hong Kong. Since 2005, he has helped dozens of students gain admission to Ivy League universities and other top-notch institutions such as Stanford, MIT, and the University of Chicago. His teaching mainly focuses on IELTS (he has scored the perfect 9 in all four sections of the test) and SAT (scoring higher than 99.5% of candidates worldwide). He is a dual-degree graduate of University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School, graduating with high honors. Prior to becoming an educator, he worked in leading investment banking, management consulting, and private equity firms.




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