How to Use an Employment Letter of Recommendation

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When looking for a new job, your previous work can help recommend you by writing an employment letter of recommendation. The reference letter itself is usually written once you have resigned from the company. Other than to be used as a supporting document during your...

The Purpose of an Employment Letter of Intent

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The letter of intent is generally a formal document that has to do with a transaction of real estate. But in the world of recruitment, an employment letter of intent is used just like an application letter. The letter is used to express your interest...

How to Create a New Employment Checklist by Using a Template

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There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when you are going to recruit new employees for the company you are working at. As a recruiter of the company, you will have to be responsible for recruiting new employees and...

How to Properly Issue an Employee Write Up Form

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Not all employees should get the employee write-up form straight away when they do something wrong. Most of the time, there will be verbal warnings given out to them first. They could be done by their supervisors, managers, or someone from the HR department. In...

Different Categories of Employee Warning Notice

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If you receive a warning especially a written one from your HR, that means you have done a misconduct. The formal letter or notice itself is usually issued after several verbal warnings and you still continue to do them. The company might be left with...

The Issue of Final Employee Warning by Using a Form

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A warning letter is a formal type of document that is issued by a company because of a behaviour issue that is conducted by the employee. Usually, this type of letter is issued because the employee has already received a verbal warning beforehand and they...

How to Use The Employee Vacation Request Form Properly

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Many people think that work is something that they have to do all the time without any time off. This is not a good thing because you need some time off from doing your work hence the annual leave that the company gives you. Before...

What Should be Included in The Employee Training Checklist?

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During the orientation period of new employees, they should have a guide of what they need to complete. An employee training checklist provided by the HR Department or their supervisor will be able to help them with it too. When you recruit new employees, you’d...

Understanding More of The Employee Timesheet in a Company

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One of the many tools that can be used to help the HR Department in counting the working hours of all employees is by using the employee timesheet. By using a timesheet, they will be able to properly calculate the time that the employees start...

What is an Employee Time Off Request Form?

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If you are going to take some time off from work, you will need to submit an employee time off request form. Depending on the process and system that is already chosen by the company, you will need to fill out the form manually or...