Step by Steps in Writing a Resignation Letter for Nurses

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When you have decided to resign from your former job, you should create a resignation letter as the formal letter. A resignation letter is important for all kinds of jobs and one of them is the nurse. Working in the hospital or the other health...

Guidelines in Creating a Professional Reference Letter Using a Template

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If you feel bored of your current work and have a plan to get new work you will need a reference letter from your former employer.  It is important to know that using reference letters can be beneficial for you because some will be the...

Correct Person to Write Letter of Recommendation for a Student

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When entering university, students might need a letter of recommendation for a student. It is important because it will be proof that the students have the same character and personality as what is mentioned in the letter. Besides, it allows the admission team to know...

Tips in Making Simple Cover Letter for a Job Application

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Talking about a letter for a job, you might have a lot of questions on your mind such as what should you say in your cover letter and how do you write that, and what can make your letter stand out. Nowadays, a cover letter...

How to Properly Write a Formal Letter of Resignation

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If you feel bored of your current work and try to for a new job, you need to submit a formal letter of resignation to your boss or human resource team. It is very important to do because this letter will be the pre alarmed...

Person to Ask for College Recommendation Letter from a Teacher

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When talking about a college recommendation letter from a teacher, it is closely related to the document needed for entering college. Of course, yes, this letter is one of the letters needed when you are applying for college because it will give information about you...

How Important is a Formal Letter of Recommendation?

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A formal letter of recommendation is a document that might be needed when applying for a job, internship program, or entering university. This document has a purpose to give an introduction briefly to the admission team or recruitment team about the candidates. Besides, using this...

Learning More About a Letter of Recommendation of Work

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When registering for a job, a letter of recommendation of work is one of the completeness of the documents to be submitted along with the application letter and curriculum vitae. Of course, many companies require this letter because they need more information such as contact...

Points to Write in a Coworker Letter of Recommendation

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A good coworker letter of recommendation can make big difference for the employee who wants to look for a new job. It also opens the more chance to be selected in the new companies because this letter contains information about the candidate of the employee...

What Should Be Included in a Personal Budget Template?

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Have you ever thought about how much money you have spent for a day, week, or even for a month? Just imagine that you don’t have control over your money, you might have spent it without realizing it. Budgeting is important because it makes it...