Knowing More About Accounts Payable Checklist

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There are many things that you need to consider when you are going to create an accounts payable checklist. The account payable statement is usually recorded after the goods are received, not during the order of the goods. With some of the finance or accounting...

Things to Consider in The Accounting Month-End Checklist

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Doing an accounting report or “closing the book” at the end of a financial year, period or month needs to be done properly. If you are going to do a month-end accounting report, it is highly recommended that you have an accounting month-end checklist handy...

Different Uses of an Academic Letter of Recommendation

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If you are going to apply for a scholarship in a university, it is highly recommended that you request an academic letter of recommendation from your previous school or institution. It is usually one of the many documents that you need to prepare when you...

Track Your Employee Work Hours by Using a 2 Week Timesheet

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If you are trying to track your employee’s work hours when they are clocking in and out of the office, you could use a 2-week timesheet template that you can prepare and be handed out during their induction. You will have to make sure that...