Importance in Knowing about The Petty Cash Receipt

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A cash receipt is an essential part of a transaction. You will need the usage of a cash receipt for every business which has a transaction method on it. You should know the importance of a cash receipt for your business. A cash receipt is...

A Simple Tax Receipt Template for Your Business

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Everyone who wants to buy something will get a receipt as proof of their transaction was successful. For your information, a receipt is very important. Besides can be used as proof of a transaction, a receipt is a simple tool to help the company or...

3 Ways on Writing Executive Summary

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An executive summary is a part of bigger documents like a business plan, business case, project proposal and many more summarizing the longer reports. It is an essential document to be a challenge to write because an executive summary has some important purposes that you write. What...

How to Make Event Venue Checklist

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An event venue checklist is a simple way to ensure all event requirements are fulfilled before the big day. Before you find a place, you must make a line of criteria for the event in detail. It is helpful to avoid missing some things during holding a...

Writing a Complaint Letter about A Canceled Trip for the Airline

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Other than contacting the customer service or customer care of an airline about your canceled trip, you could also write a complaint letter about it. They should be able to respond to you in matters of minutes or hours. They also should be able to...