Why an Attorney Timesheet is Important?

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Since lawyers and attorneys work on billable hours, it is a good idea to keep track of their times while they are working on some cases in the company by using their attorney timesheets. If you have more than 1 lawyer or attorney, you can separate their files by using different timesheets so that they can be paid properly, and you have proven facts for your finance and accounting department in their working hours. Most of them are charged by the hour, however, you will want to note down all the meetings and calls that happen with them so they can all be tracked when needed in the future.

Many attorneys and lawyers track their work hours by using stopwatch software. Even with using that, they still need to record their time in a sheet. An attorney timesheet can also be built into the cloud by using Microsoft Excel, and you will be able to access it on your mobile phone, laptops, or tablets easily too while you are mobile.

A stopwatch software is usually used when they open a new case file. They will want to track their time while working on that case. So what they usually do is to click start on the stopwatch once they are working on it, pause or stop the stopwatch when they finish, and then record the time in the timesheet.

For new lawyers and attorneys, keeping track of their working time is essential especially if they need to fulfill the target of billable hours for their clients. This is to ensure that the fee of the contributors to the financial system of the company is stable, and everyone is contributing as much as they could.

Once the target or goal that is set is reached by the individual or the group, there is a bonus especially if the billable hours are achieved. Most of the time, lawyers in the same firm would help each other with their targets especially if they must work on pro-bono cases too.

Using an attorney timesheet template for everyone in the same firm can be ideal especially to track the billable hours. This way, the format of the timesheet will not change from one to another and it will make it easier for the finance or accounting department to input them into the system.

Make sure that if you are creating a new template, all the necessary details are included in it too. To download a template of this type of timesheet, you can click on the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Attorney Timesheet Template | Word – download

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