The Purpose of Using a Basic Letter of Recommendation

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A basic letter of recommendation can be issued by anyone that has high enough authority in an organization, study institution, or company to give recommendations out to their previous employees or students to help them as references for their future study or workplace.

The letter itself even a basic one will be able to describe and give more detailed information regarding an individual of how they were while they were studying at the institution, their achievements (academic or non-academic), how they interact with their peers, how they were handling the tasks given at their workplace, etc.

The purpose of using a basic letter of recommendation is for students that are going to continue their studies to a higher-level institution, for people that are looking for a new job, and also to apply for scholarships as a supporting document along with their academic documents.

In some countries, you can even use a recommendation letter for when you are going to apply for your health insurance and many more. Even a basic letter could help increase your chance to be accepted into a new college, university, or a new workplace.

When recruiters receive information and details about potential employees or candidates for scholarships in their institutions, they would want to make sure that they select the best candidates. Since they have never met them, using this kind of letter can be the best way to know more about an individual even before the 1-on-1 interview.

It can be used as a powerful tool to strengthen and state that the individual that is applying for a higher study or a new job is trustworthy, kind, hard worker, etc.With that being said, recruiters can benefit a lot from reading someone’s letter that could help them with their future.

This is why even a basic letter of recommendation can mean a lot to a lot of people especially for the ones that are looking for a job these days. For the individuals that accept the letter, it could be a huge moral support boost for them especially since recommendation letters would bring out most of the good sides of people.

In most letters, you will see a lot of achievements stated. Those achievements can be really helpfulfor many occasions especially when new recruiters cannot meet you beforehand. Afterward, they will be able to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting by considering the resume along with the letters that they have sent out.

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