What is a Behavior Contract and How is it Used?

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Have you ever wondered how a behavior contract can be used to improve the social attitude and academic achievement of students when they are studying in an institution? This type of agreement involves the teacher and the student that serves a higher purpose of helping the student in achieving a better result for both their behavior and also their academic progress.

For some students, they might need the “extra push” in motivating them to act better (to behave better) at school and also study better while they are in class. This agreement might be needed for some students that have been verbally warned but are still not adapting to the school rules.

How can a behavior contract help in motivating students to finish their homework or study for exams? Are there any specific techniques in implementing this type of contract in motivating the students to be better?

There are some researches out there that have shown that with the help of the teacher, student, guidance council, and the headmaster of the school, some students are getting better in their behaviors and also in how they handle themselves along with their peers at school. Other than that, their grades are also better because they study better and they are also doing their homework in time.

There are a few steps in making sure that the contract stays intact as well. The school will have to provide a guidance counselor for the students that are bonded with this type of contract. After that, they will have to schedule some time for the guidance counselor to talk with some of the students involved (this can work as some type of counseling).

The session can be used to build a bond of trust between the counselor and students so that in the future they will feel secure to tell the counselor anything that they need.

The guidance counselor will then need to analyze the type of behavior for each student that is bonded by the behavior contract. After that, they can plan and strategize better in how to help those students to behave better at school.

They could also talk to their parents to enforce the clauses that are stated in the contract. For example, for them to do their homework at home and study for upcoming exams, etc. With recent researches that have been conducted regarding this matter, it has shown that there are a lot of students that are better because of it.

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