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An invoice is the type of document that businesses (individual or corporate) will use for their purchasing and selling transactions especially for organisationsthat are registered at the tax office. Many people knew this as a receipt as well.

Interested in knowing the difference between an invoice and a receipt? An Invoice is a legal document that needs to be used by organisations or companies that can be taxed. It is used as proof of transactions that will detail the number of goods along with the payments that the buyer needs to pay. Most of the time, it will also include the methods of payment and bank account details on it too.

If you want to issue this type of document for your customer, you can create a blank invoice template that you can use and edit multiple times for different transactions too. All you have to do is to change the amount or type of goods that are going to be included in the transaction along with the amount of payment that the buyer needs to pay. By using an invoice, it is also proof that the company is paying tax in running their business and it is a legit business that is registered under the law of commerce as well.

When you are creating your blank invoice, some of the things that you have to include in it are the detailed information regarding the buyer and the seller, the date of the transaction, the type of goods or services that are in the transaction, the price of each item, the total price of the goods (before tax), tax fee, and the total price of the goods (after-tax).

The buyer and the seller must keep a copy of the invoice as proof of the transaction as well just in case they are being audited at the end of their financial period and they need proof of all transactions.

There are few different kinds of invoice types, such as the normal invoice, proforma invoice, and consular invoice. Depending on the type of transaction that you have with your customers, you could choose the right type of invoice to be issued to them so they could make a payment.

A consular invoice is usually used for trading goods overseas (international trading). This type of invoice is not something that you can just issue since you will need a special stamp with the approval of the embassy for it.

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