Managing Employees Work Hours Using a New Blank Timesheet Template

free printable blank timesheet template excel

A timesheet is one of the many tools used by the HR Department to count the working hours of the company’s employees. By using a timesheet, you will be able to calculate exact working hours for all the employees. Depending on the method of logging, they can be done manually and automatically.

If you are looking to get it done quicker, there are many applications where you could get this done faster. However, the company will have to spare extra budget for this since the applications are usually charged per user-based and monthly. A timesheet application can be an answer if you are looking to get it done automatically, or you can use a manual timesheet by Microsoft Word or Excel as well for the job.

For a manual timesheet, you can create one by using a blank timesheet template and then hand them out to your employees. They will need to fill it out in the morning when they start and late afternoon when they finish their work time and are about to leave the office.

Since the timesheet is usually used to measure the payroll of employees, it will need to be recorded correctly and properly so that there will be no issue during the payment at the end of the month when the finance and HR department is counting everyone’s salaries.

Many companies use the timesheet as a measurement to look at the effectiveness and productivity of each employee as well. On the timesheet, you will also be able to include sick leave, personal leave, annual leave, extra working hours, and many more.

This can be counted towards the monthly payment for an employee too. For employees, this can be used as a tracking sheet to see their working hours and to calculate them to match with the monthly payments that they receive. For the company, this can also be a tool to calculate their salaries to be compared with the automated one.

Many companies have experienced a lack of discipline in the working hours of their employees that resulted in lower effectiveness and productivity in their system. By keeping track of the employee’s working hours, this can be minimized. This could also have resulted from many different reasons such as employees being sick, unexpected occurrences, other work tasks, and many more.

Creating a new system and habit to always keep an updated timeline every day can be a good start for all employees. They can also use the blank timesheet template within the company to track their working hours.

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