Creating a Simple yet Effective Building Checklist

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A routine check needs to be done properly for the maintenance of a building. This is to ensure that the checks are done regularly (weekly or monthly). If there is anything that needs to be fixed or broken, it can be done as soon as possible too. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you are going to create a new building checklist.

With any building checks, you will need to include the inside and outside areas of the building too. There could be some rooms that you want to include as well such as the bathrooms in the lobby area of the building.

Other things that need to be included in a building checklist such as the walls (inside and outside of the building) – colors, textures, etc., floor foundation of the building (is it broken? Any tiles need to be fixed or replaced?), bolts and screws (any of them loose and need tightening up?), the ceiling of the rooms are clean (not dirty? Cracks? Needs to be fixed or replaced?), ventilation tube and area (clean? Running well? Broken? Needs to be replaced or fixed?), and many more. On the checklist sheet, you can write down all the lists mentioned and then have a check box next to it. Once they are done, you can tick them off and move to the next point on the sheet.

A building checklist is used so that the people that are doing the maintenance and checking of the building don’t miss anything during the inspection. Some of these templates can be found in Microsoft Office’s applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

You can list the points that you want to have and just use the table that is provided by the template. Choosing a template can also be quite difficult especially if you want a neat-looking one. A simple template can look elegant especially if you add a logo of the company on the top of the page to make it look nicer.

For a simple template, you could use a black and white theme and then edit the rest to your liking to suit the company profile too. The building checklist itself can be used in the future for auditing and tracking purposes. If there are some accidents within the area of the building, tracking of building checks usually needs to be presented to collect findings and information.

Building Checklist Template | PDF – download

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