How to Create a New and Simple Contractor Invoice by Using a Template

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Creating a new contractor invoice can easily be done by using a template that is already available for free if you are using the Microsoft Office application. They can be done by using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. You can open one of those two...

Creating a New Consultant Invoice by Using a Simple Template

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When you open a new consulting business, you will need to make sure that everything is in place for you to set up. This includes all the documents and paperwork that you will have to handle once the business is up and running. While preparing...

How to Issue a Construction Invoice to Your Customers

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Once you have finished your construction project or a construction job, you can issue your client (customers) a construction invoice so that they could be aware of the details and payment of the project. The document can also be used as proof that the job...

How to Create a New Commercial Invoice by Using a New and Ready-To-Use Template

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A commercial invoice is a formal and legal document that can be used as proof of a transaction in a business. Usually, it is kept by both parties for some finance or accounting purposes in the future, such as auditing process, counting the tax for...

How to Use a Catering Invoice for Customers

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For those of you who run a catering business, you should know the importance of a catering invoice for your business. An invoice should be made as simple and easy as possible. The importance of a simple template is to help the customer understand the...

Easy Invoice Creation by Using a Blank Invoice Template

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An invoice is the type of document that businesses (individual or corporate) will use for their purchasing and selling transactions especially for organisationsthat are registered at the tax office. Many people knew this as a receipt as well. Interested in knowing the difference between an...

Benefits of Using an Auto Repair Invoice for a Shop Owner

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For shop owners, creating invoices is a part of their regular daily activity that needs to be done especially when they have finished a task for their customer. They will need to issue them with an invoice to request payment for the job that is...