Managing Employees Work Hours Using a New Blank Timesheet Template

A timesheet is one of the many tools used by the HR Department to count the working hours of the company’s employees. By using a timesheet, you will be able to calculate exact working hours for all the employees. Depending on the method of logging,...

How to Organize a Biweekly Timesheet?

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If you are working in the HR Department, it would not be strange for you anymore with the timesheet of employees that you have to manage. If you are still using a manual timesheet and you have a lot of employees, you have to enter...

Benefits of Using a Bi-Monthly Timesheet

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To calculate the working hours of your employees, it can be done by using different types of timesheets. Most companies would use a monthly timesheet because they pay the salary of their employees monthly. However, in some companies, they might do things differently where they...

Creating a Basic Timesheet for Your Employees Using a Clean Template

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There are a lot of problems that could arise with employees not being disciplined enough in terms of their work hours. With all the work tasks that they have to do, if they do not manage their time properly, then they could get behind and...

Why an Attorney Timesheet is Important?

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Since lawyers and attorneys work on billable hours, it is a good idea to keep track of their times while they are working on some cases in the company by using their attorney timesheets. If you have more than 1 lawyer or attorney, you can...

Track Your Employee Work Hours by Using a 2 Week Timesheet

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If you are trying to track your employee’s work hours when they are clocking in and out of the office, you could use a 2-week timesheet template that you can prepare and be handed out during their induction. You will have to make sure that...