The Good Use of a Cleaning Checklist Template

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Managing the cleanliness of an area can be quite a task already. How about if you have to manage cleaners that are going to clean the whole building? Creating some cleaning checklists can be a good idea so you can hand them out to all the cleaners for them to use for different tasks that they have to do during their time cleaning different areas.

For an office building, some cleaners might be cleaning the office area, while others might be cleaning the bathroom areas. Different tasks need to be done in different areas of the building (indoor and outdoor included).

The indoor cleaning checklist and outdoor checklist templates can be created slightly differently due to areas that have to be cleaned. You can include all of them in the checklist for the cleaners to clean. Other than cleaning, they might have to water the plants, dust, and vacuum as well.

For some areas, wiping might be needed too especially if you see dusty or dirty windows. Managing the cleanliness for all areas inside and outside of a building can be quite challenging especially with a lot of cleaners that you have to pay attention to. By using a checklist that is created by templates, it can make the job easier.

By using a template, you can create the template once and then edit them in the future to suit your needs and you don’t have to keep creating templates anymore. This way, it could save time when you want to create more checklists for new cleaners.

There are a lot of building managers that follow this step and procedure as well in managing their cleaners. For 1 or 2 cleaners, you might be able to use the same checklist. However, if you have to manage 10 or more cleaners, using a template can make your job easier in editing all the checklists that you have to hand out to different cleaners.

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