What Should be Included in a Cleaning Service Checklist Template?

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In creating a new cleaning service checklist template, there are a lot of tasks that you have to include. Whether this is for an office area, room area, or bathroom area in a building or a house, you will need to include all the tasks that you want the cleaner to do and be able to tick off from the list.

If the checklist is to clean the bathroom area, make sure you list cleaning the toilet too especially in a public area. A clean toilet is important for everyone especially when they are used regularly by everyone in the house or building. The area needs to be kept clean because the cleanliness standard needs to be maximized to fit the standard of the operational procedure.

There are also tools and accessories that you can include in the checklist to bring while you are editing or creating the cleaning service checklist template, such as the bucket, floor wiper, bottle sprayer, ladder, chemical solutions, small or medium-sized brush, rubber hand gloves, mask, etc.

Once you have listed all the tools and accessories on the checklist as well, you can keep them there and edit or add some of the other things that you want the cleaners to bring to do their job. Different buildings will have a different SOP in how they want their cleaners to do their cleaning service duties. Make sure you hand them out to the staff during their induction day so they can read them properly before they start their work.

With different solutions and cleaning products that they have to bring, they will also need to be familiarised with all of them so they don’t use the wrong product while they are cleaning. Mixing different solutions especially when they are chemical ones can be dangerous.

This is why, before they start their job, you can test them first in running through the cleaning service checklist so you can make sure that they know what they are going to do and they can do them correctly too.

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