How to Choose a New Company Letterhead Using a Template?

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Choosing a new company letterhead can be confusing especially if the company is rebranding and want to use a new logo or design. A letterhead is as the name implies located at the top of a letter and it includes the logo of the company, name of the company, address of the company, and also contact phone number of the company.

Creating a template can be useful so that the letterhead can be used for all different emails that will be sent out formally from someone in the company to another company. As a formal document, a company letter needs to include a letterhead as well.

Using a proper letterhead can best represent the business and also the identity of the company as a whole. If you have a color theme for the company, the template of your company’s letterhead can also include a background color too. It is quite common to be used especially if the color is not bright.

Usually, with proper and legal documents like this type of letter, if you want to use a background color, simple colors such as soft grey, light brown, or faded colors will be chosen. So, depending on the color scheme of your branding, there are usually a few colors that you can choose from.

Where can you get the inspiration to design your company’s letterhead from? There are plenty of different sources where you can get various ideas. If it is for a new company, you can always brainstorm them with the management (if you are a part of the design or marketing team).

Everyone will be able to pitch their ideas in and help with the creation of the logo or new design of the letterhead too. After that, the color of the logo and the background of the letterhead can also be chosen as well. They can go altogether as a whole is doing the new campaign of the business, especially to market new products or goods.

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