Creating a Simple Contact List for Your Company

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Before you do the promotion and marketing for the new products and goods of the company, you will need to make sure that you have potential clients and customers scouted. You can easily create a contact list of the targeted and potentially beneficial targets for your campaign.

Start by narrowing down and filtering the companies through from their sizes. This can be done online on the internet, and you can have a list of all the companies that you want. After that, you can go to their websites and look for the contact person that you want to address your promotion to.

If you cannot find their work email address, you can always reach out to them from the general email address that is stated on their “Contact Us” page. Usually, they will have detailed office addresses too.

Building a new contact list does not have to be hard especially if you know how to do it. It could take a while before you could create a nice contact list as you need to be thorough in your search through some of the websites. They might only have PO boxes as their office address and no office address, no phone numbers, or email addresses.

Even for small or medium businesses that you have targeted, they will have information and details about the contact person or the people that are in the company that you can contact if they are legit. Before sending anything to them, you could always call them up first through reception.

Sending them something to their office address can also be feasible if you have the budget for it. You will still need to make sure that all your contact lists are correct by double-checking them after you are done. For first timers, they could use it as a template and edit them and later, to add more contact details for different companies.

Contact List Template | Excel – download

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