How to Create a New and Simple Contractor Invoice by Using a Template

free printable blank contractor invoice template word

Creating a new contractor invoice can easily be done by using a template that is already available for free if you are using the Microsoft Office application. They can be done by using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. You can open one of those two applications and search for “invoice” and you can edit them to suit the needs and preferences of the business.

For the construction business, you will need to edit some parts of the invoice content to fit best with the transaction as well. Just like any other invoices, this document is used as proof of transactions between the parties that are involved.

In a contractor invoice, the details of both parties (buyer and seller) needs to be complete, such as the name of the company, the person in contact (PIC), contact details, logo of each company, along with the detail of the transactions – type or model of goods and products, price for each unit, the total price for all the goods and products requested, the signature of both parties involved, and other things that can be added as needed.

By using a template, you will be able to set up all of the fields that might need to be changed in the future. It will make it easier for the admin to create those invoices in the future too.

All the agreement that has been negotiated after the Purchase Order has been submitted by the buyer can be included in the invoice. The contractor invoice will be the same as any other invoices where it will state the condition of the transaction and alsobe used as a proof document that is useful during the auditing process and tracing during certain times in the financial year.

Since requests for the fee for a construction project can be hard sometimes, the invoice that will be created must be clear with multiple payment methods as well to make it easier for the client to pay the rest of the total amount of money they still owe.

Contractor Invoice Template | Word – download

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