How Important is the Contractor Timesheet Template?

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If you are working in the construction business, there must be more than 1 contractor that is hired by the company. When that is the case, keeping their working hours is crucial so that the finance or accounting department will be able to calculate their salaries easily at the end of the week or month (depending on weekly or monthly pay).

You will be able to use a contractor timesheet that is created by using a free template that you can find online or within some of the Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. They will be able to provide you with simple timesheet templates that are easy to edit.

The contractor timesheet that you will create by using a template will be very similar to any other type of timesheet. The difference is that the timesheet will be for construction companies and used by contractors. You might have to add additional fields where they could write down if they are working at the office or they are on-site doing the project on the field.

Other than that, they could also be used to count their annual leave days, sick leave days, personal leave days, additional working hours (overtime hours), and many more. Even by using a manual timesheet, you will still be able to get a lot of benefits from them as long as they fill them out daily and regularly.

Most contractors might forget about filling out their timesheet, but if you enforce it to them and mention to them it is in regards to their regular payment (salary), they will be encouraged to fill them out daily or during their working hours.

At the bottom of the contractor’s timesheet, for each of them, there will be a space where their supervisors and managers can sign them too. This can be done weekly so that they don’t have to check every single day. Or they could simply show the timesheet to them at the end of the day too if preferred.

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