How to Create and Use a Daily Timesheet with a Template

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In the Human Resource Department’s world, timesheets are very common to be used in calculating and keeping track of their employees’ working hours. Whether the company pays them weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, making sure that all employee’s working hours are counted correctly and properly is crucial.

Do you know how to create and use a daily timesheet? If you have never created one before, you can always use a template to help you create a new timesheet for everyday use. You can always easily edit the parts that are needed as well.

Other than keeping track of the employee’s working hours for a certain period, the timesheet can also be used to record your off days, such as sick leaves, annual leaves, personal leaves, etc. For a daily timesheet, you can include the name and ID of the employee, fields for the day, the time, and at the bottom of the page, signature areas (for the employee and supervisor to sign at). With this type of timesheet, the working hours will be tracked daily and at the end of the day you can clock out and sign off by writing your end working hours on the sheet too.

Depending on the preferences of the company, they might choose to use a manual timesheet or a digital timesheet. The timesheet that the employee has can be used to help the finance or accounting department in calculating their salary at the end of the week or month. The total hours that are being counted will need to be done accurately and the process of counting the wages for all employees needs to be done correctly as well.

A process of time management can be optimized even more by keeping track of the working hours properly too. If the company has a login and log-out system, you can keep a daily timesheet yourself to keep track of your working hours to be matched with the one that the company has at the end to help if there is anything that needs to be double-checked.

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