Knowing More About the Data Center Maintenance Checklist

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The server data centeris the data server that is connected mainly to the center of a company’s network, whether it is global, local, or international. The data center itself is usually maintained by an admin.

Good management of a data center should be able to support the company as a whole from different networks and also the use of different applications or software by different staff members. Good data center management needs to be maintained regularly too. Therefore, using a data center maintenance checklist can be a good idea for data center admins.

Some of the things that need to be included in a data center maintenance checklist are the planning of the server’s capacity, the metrics of the server’s performance, the securities of the servers, and the standards of operating the best IT data center services.

By planning the server’s capacity, you will be able to help estimate the size and need of the hardware by the company in the server that is needed to run applications and most of the other activities by the users. In this matter, you will need to be able to plan the capacity of the server and make sure that the server sizing is correct too. Some tests might need to be performed especially to support the heavy work of the server.

To estimate the ability of the server though, you could use a standard performance evaluation that is already approved globally and internationally. The aspects that count into it are the utilization of the server, the latency of the server (to count delays or if there is any lag), resource efficiency, and throughput of the server. All these need to be included in the data center maintenance checklist as well to help manage and maintain the server to being balanced and for it to work properly in a company.

Data Center Maintenance Checklist Template | PDF – download

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