The Use of a Disaster Recovery Checklist

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A disaster recovery checklist is something that you can prepare along with the disaster recovery plan to help provide the ability and resources to run a vital process temporarily and also to help restore the main function of the main location to become normal or within a certain time frame.

On the checklist itself, you should include all of the procedures in the recovery after a disaster hits. This is usually done to minimalize the loss of the organization. With all the procedures that need to take place in the planning, they will have to be included in the checklist as well.

Before creating the disaster recovery checklist, you will need to understand that it is also important to detail all the disaster recovery plan procedures. They include minimalizing all disruptions during normal operations, to limit the disruption level and also damages that might occur, to minimalize the damage and effect of the disaster itself especially economic-wise, to find alternative solutions for the system operations that are going to be used in the organization, to train all staff properly to deal with disasters and recovery, to provide recovery services that are accurate and fast, and many more.

Some of the things that you should include in the disaster recovery checklist such as calculating the loss of the fee that has been caused by the disaster (included in the disaster recovery plan too), a list of clients that might have been affected by the disaster, identify an innovative or alternative solution after the disaster, list all the departments that should be running the disaster recovery plan, etc.

Some of the lists can be changed depending on the size of the organization or who will be incharge or involved in it. A disaster can be catastrophic and can affect highly within the organization especially when there are a lot of people involved in it. Using this type of checklist will be able to help you recover faster too.

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