The Use of an Employee Appraisal Form

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Filling out an employee appraisal form is something that needs to be done by all employees that are working in a company and looking to get their salaries increased. When is the form usually reviewed by the management team? After the form is filled out properly, you can give it back to the HR Department and wait (for a schedule) for a performance review.

Usually, you will be notified through email regarding this and you can schedule a meeting with the management team to discuss further. Most companies will also use a KPI (key performance indicator) system to measure the productivity and effectiveness of their employees and if they are eligible for a pay raise.

For each employee, their pay raises maybe different depending on their KPI scores. Some might not be eligible for a salary increase either because of their performance that was not up to standards, or they have not met the target that was set by the company (if they are in the sales team).

Some of those can be the reason why during your performance review, your request for a salary increase was denied. In most companies, the employees that are going to request a pay raise will need to already be working there for a minimum of 12 months (1 year) period first. The management team could then see their performance and use the KPI scoring system during their work period for the whole year.

To have a performance review and have your salary increased, could help boost your productivity and effectiveness working in the company. Therefore, the employee appraisal form is crucial to be created by the HR department just in case any employees are asking for one. In this type of form, since it is a formal document that is issued by the company, you will be able to see the letterhead of the company (company name and logo), the full detail of the employee (employee ID number, department, position, etc.), current salary, new salary, the timeframe of when the new salary is going to start or finish (for non-permanent employees).

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