How to Schedule Annual Employee Performance Appraisal for Employees

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Planning the financial system of a company can be complicated especially to keep the operational part of the company running smoothly. Other than that, they will also want to keep all the employees happy and regularly pay their wages.

For employees that have been working in the company for a while (minimum of 1 year), they usually will get their performance reviews which could lead to promotions and their salaries being increased too. Before they get them though, they will go through the employee performance appraisal that is scheduled by the management team through the HR Department as well.

What should be considered during the employee’s performance appraisal? To make sure that the company doesn’t suffer any loss in the appraisal of their employees, they should pay attention to some details before they decide to raise their salaries.

They will need to keep in mind that there are inflations every year. They will also have to pay attention to the minimum wage of the city so that they could count properly how much of their salaries can be increased each year. With the inflation of market prices and higher cost of living, those things can be put into consideration as well as their effectiveness and productivity while they are working in the company.

To count how much salary increase an employee should get after the employee performance appraisal, depending on their KPI, there could be a 5-15% increase of salary. It is usually counted by their old salary added with the percentage to get the new base salary they will get starting from the month after.

Other than the KPI, a few other things can be used in the performance reviews such as the employee’s discipline in time, whether they are ever late coming to work, how long they have been working in the company, etc.

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