Different Categories of Employee Warning Notice

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If you receive a warning especially a written one from your HR, that means you have done a misconduct. The formal letter or notice itself is usually issued after several verbal warnings and you still continue to do them. The company might be left with no choice but to issue you with a formal employee warning notice to help you correct your behavior and no longer repeating the same mistakes anymore.

These warning notices can be in different forms as well and there are consequences that you need to take when you receive them whether your mistakes are big or small. There are also different categories of notices that can be issued by the company depending on the severity of your misconduct.

An employee warning notice can be issued to employees consecutively after verbal warnings to help discipline them even more and last can be followed by a final warning letter. Since different categories are depending on the severity of the misconduct, employees rarely get a written notice straight away.

Usually, if they are on their first strike, they will receive a verbal warning first. After a few verbal warnings, they will get a written notice or letter stating their misconduct. Most of the time, it is because they come into work late (this can be seen from their clock in time) in their working timesheet.

In writing an employee warning notice, you should include the name and position of the employee, the reason for the warning letter itself, the purpose of issuing the letter, etc. You could also create a template for this type of warning letter so that you can edit them later in the future when needed.

This will make it faster for you to create a warning notice for more than 1 employee. For large-sized companies, they might have to issue this type of letter often and to multiple employees hence using a template can be easier for the HR department to deal with some issues.

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