How to Properly Issue an Employee Write Up Form

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Not all employees should get the employee write-up form straight away when they do something wrong. Most of the time, there will be verbal warnings given out to them first. They could be done by their supervisors, managers, or someone from the HR department.

In every company, the HR department plays a big role in making sure that their employees are working properly and correctly to comply with the regulations and policies that have been set in place. When these rules and policies are not followed, then certain procedures can be done to the employees who break them too.

Troubled employees will need to be disciplined properly or they will continue doing what they have been doing wrong. Most cases in every company are when they show up to work late (more than once or twice per week/month).

Other than continuing the behavior, this can also have a worse effect such as other employees will start following them and coming late to work as well if they don’t get warned for it. With that being said, even the company cannot dismiss their employees quite easily as they have to go through different procedures (verbal warning, written warning, and final warning) before they can be dismissed.

One of the many reasons why a company issues warnings to their employees by using the employee write-up form is to make sure that it is logged and documented properly. The form can be filed by the HR department and stored in a cabinet as well.

This way, it will make it easier to find them when they are needed in the future. These warnings could also help keep the turnover numbers low within a company. For any company, their regulations and policies are usually written in the agreement that the employee has to sign before they join. This way, they could read them and understand them too.

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