Microsoft Xbox Live Feature IS Coming To IOS & Android Games Soon

Finally, after years of waiting, Microsoft is finally bringing its gaming network, Xbox Live to Android and iOS devices. For game developers, Microsoft is launching a cross-platform compatible mobile SDK that will bring the functionalities of Xbox Live to games that can be played on Android and iOS. For now, family settings, Gamerscore, friend list, achievements, clubs, hero stats, and certain other features will be available on Android and iOS.

Why Microsoft Took This Decision?

The main aim behind this is to make Xbox services and games available on different platforms. Professionals who develop games will now be able to choose features of Xbox Live that they want to integrate into their mobile games. All features will be enabled by your Microsoft Account’s single sign-on. Identity network is used by Microsoft for supporting privacy, login, child accounts, and online safety.

Chief of Microsoft Gaming Cloud, Kareem Choudhry, stated that their belief lies in the gaming community and Xbox Live will always be the heart of their gaming community. In a media briefing he said, in the last few years, they have taken Minecraft, one of Microsoft’s popular game to different platforms. Their plan is to do the same with Xbox live. Uniting all the communities will provide a singular experience to the gamers. Microsoft’s aim is to make game developers follow a Minecraft like approach and spread Xbox Live across more mobile games.

Is There any Business Approach to this Idea?

Microsoft was aware of the poor performance of Xbox One. To justify their presence in the world of gaming, they thought it was best to embed their services across multiple platforms. As per Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, console business has not been proven to be that much profitable as expected. So they are targeting not the way of moneymaking, but to grow the user base.

A huge effort also lies in Game Pass. Microsoft is focusing on bringing Game Pass to the customer’s choice of device. This is because, their business model allow consumers to find out games that they will only play in a specific platform.

What About Other Platforms?

You have to wait a bit if you are willing to see Xbox Live at other platforms like PS4 or Nintendo Switch. As per Kareem Choudhry, their goal is to unite 2 billion gamers worldwide and they don’t have any special announcement as to when they will release Xbox Live for other platforms. If Sony is willing to become a partner, there is a chance that Xbox Live will be available for PS4 as well.

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