Creating a Basic Timesheet for Your Employees Using a Clean Template

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There are a lot of problems that could arise with employees not being disciplined enough in terms of their work hours. With all the work tasks that they have to do, if they do not manage their time properly, then they could get behind and...

Creating a Simple and Basic Monthly Timesheet for A New Work Schedule

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Whether you already have a work schedule or you are thinking to create one to keep your work tasks and activities organized and prioritized better. To create a new, simple, and basic monthly timesheet, you can use a nice template that is easy to edit...

The Purpose of Using a Basic Letter of Recommendation

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A basic letter of recommendation can be issued by anyone that has high enough authority in an organization, study institution, or company to give recommendations out to their previous employees or students to help them as references for their future study or workplace. The letter...

Choosing The right Basic Fax Cover Sheet as a Template

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There are many ways in how you could choose your template for a basic fax cover sheet. A cover sheet is used for various purposes and it can be used when you are going to send a fax to your clients, customers, vendors, etc. Creating...

What is a Bank Reconciliation Form?

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With all the transactions that happen within a financial period in a company, you would want to make sure that the balance of the funds between all the bank transactions is correct when compared with the bank account statement. This is where a bank reconciliation...

How to Use a Bank Direct Deposit Form?

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There are many ways where you could deposit the funds of your company or organization into the bank. You could use a bank direct deposit form to make it easier for you in depositing some funds into the account. At the end of each week,...

How an Award Certificate is Used as a Legal Document?

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An award certificate is a document that states some information about a person or a company-issued by a higher authority, such as the management of the company, school, or institution. It can be used as a legal document to help assist when you are applying...

Benefits of Using an Auto Repair Invoice for a Shop Owner

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For shop owners, creating invoices is a part of their regular daily activity that needs to be done especially when they have finished a task for their customer. They will need to issue them with an invoice to request payment for the job that is...

What Should be Included in an Audit Checklist Template?

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For auditors, using an audit checklist template can make their tasks easier in auditing some of the companies that they are hired at. They will be able to trace their tasks better especially if they must do a lot of different things one after another...

Why an Attorney Timesheet is Important?

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Since lawyers and attorneys work on billable hours, it is a good idea to keep track of their times while they are working on some cases in the company by using their attorney timesheets. If you have more than 1 lawyer or attorney, you can...