How to Use The Employee Vacation Request Form Properly

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Many people think that work is something that they have to do all the time without any time off. This is not a good thing because you need some time off from doing your work hence the annual leave that the company gives you. Before...

What Should be Included in The Employee Training Checklist?

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During the orientation period of new employees, they should have a guide of what they need to complete. An employee training checklist provided by the HR Department or their supervisor will be able to help them with it too. When you recruit new employees, you’d...

Understanding More of The Employee Timesheet in a Company

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One of the many tools that can be used to help the HR Department in counting the working hours of all employees is by using the employee timesheet. By using a timesheet, they will be able to properly calculate the time that the employees start...

What is an Employee Time Off Request Form?

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If you are going to take some time off from work, you will need to submit an employee time off request form. Depending on the process and system that is already chosen by the company, you will need to fill out the form manually or...

The Main Purpose of Filling Out an Employee Review Form

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All employees that are working in the company must have their competency and something more that they can do to give their best contribution to the company towards having a successful business. These companies would regularly do annual performance reviews to help evaluate and check...

Considerations of Salary Increase after The Employee’s Performance Evaluation

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Employee’s salary is one of the rights that all employees should get when they are working in a company. Most of the time, employees’ salaries will depend on the negotiations they had at the beginning before they sign the contract, after they finished their interviews,...

How to Schedule Annual Employee Performance Appraisal for Employees

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Planning the financial system of a company can be complicated especially to keep the operational part of the company running smoothly. Other than that, they will also want to keep all the employees happy and regularly pay their wages. For employees that have been working...

The Importance of Employee Orientation Checklist for New Employees

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The process of recruitment can be a long process thatthe management and HR department team have to go through to look for new employees that suit best the criteria of the position. After selectively choosing new employees, if you don’t introduce them to the company...

The Importance of an Employee Information Form for a Company

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Having an HR Department in company is crucial to help manage and organize all of the employees that are in it. The company will want to have an effective team to have a success rate in marketing and also selling their goods, products, or services....

How to Manage the Administration of a Company by Using an Employee Files Checklist

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The administration part of a company is an important part that needs to be organized and handled well hence the company having a Human Resource department. To make sure that all the files are recorded and managed properly, they can use the employee files checklist...