Typhoon Media

Typhoon Media Ltd is a publishing company based in Hong Kong. We currently publish via two imprints, Signal 8 Press and Book Cyclone, and will be launching one more in early 2014, Lightning Originals.

Signal 8 Press produces original works of fiction and nonfiction with an Asia-Pacific, East-meets-West focus (usually). We release them as paperbacks and e-books more or less simultaneously. Sometimes we do localized print runs of the books, in Hong Kong or other territories as required; in other cases, we issue them via print-on-demand technology to capture online sales. The books are carefully curated and edited, with outstanding cover art, and they follow a standard publishing process and production cycle that averages 12-18 months from acceptance to release.

BookCyclone exists in order to produce and distribute e-books to major e-retailers like Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and so on. If you are an author who has backlist books to resuscitate or a publisher who doesn’t yet have an e-book strategy in place, BookCyclone may be the solution for you. Please note that BookCyclone serves more of a distributor role than a publisher role: the books issued via this imprint are already published in paperback form, and we’re just handling the e-books.

Lightning Originals releases darker, edgier fiction by writers with unique voices and original ideas. Crime, horror, mystery, urban fantasy: we’ve got it covered. These will release as e-books first, followed by print/POD release as sales warrant. As with Signal 8 Press, the books will be carefully vetted and edited and will follow a more-or-less standard production calendar.

Thanks for stopping by, and please drop us a line if you’d like to ask a question or just say hi: hello [at] typhoon-media [dot] com.

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