How to Use The Employee Vacation Request Form Properly

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Many people think that work is something that they have to do all the time without any time off. This is not a good thing because you need some time off from doing your work hence the annual leave that the company gives you. Before you take your annual leave or vacation days though, you should properly and correctly fill out the employee vacation request form.

You can get the form online (if it is stored in the shared network) or you can ask the HR department for it too. Keeping your work life and personal life balance is necessary for a healthy life.

If for any reason you couldn’t take your vacation days, the company should reimburse you for those days by paying you those days as full working days as well before they expire. Although, most companies will encourage you to take those holidays instead of having them reimburse you for them.

There are a lot of companies that still think letting their employees taking their time off could be a “loss” for them. This is not a healthy situation as people will need to take some break from their time at work. It is also their right to take those time off as stated in the work contract at the beginning before the agreement or the offer letter is signed.

With that being said, for all employees that are going to take their time off, they should do them properly by filling out their employee vacation request form. The form itself will state how many days of time off that you will take, the dates of the time off, the reason why you are taking your time off, and the date when you are going back to work.

After the form has been properly filled out and signed, you should hand it back to the HR department (or in some companies you should get approved by your direct superior first).

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