Funimate – Guidance for Parents

We hope that you have heard about TikTok, the app used by many aspiring actors, some of them creating really nice videos while many others making a real fool of themselves. Funimate APK for Android is a video editing and streaming application used by many TIkTok users. If you want to know what the app is about, you can give it a try. There is a trial period of 7 days after which you will be required to pay a monthly charge of $6.99 per month. But is the app really worthy of investing? Let’s find out.

What You Will Get?

Once you start subscribing, you will get a bunch of audio and video tools using which you can create short videos and add text, filters, shapes and other effects in them. The app comes with lots of tutorials which will easily teach you regarding the usability. Themed contests are also hosted by developers where users have to submit videos that were shot according to the theme. The winner gets prizes like lights and cameras. Just like TIkTok, users can follow and comment on each other’s videos. Apart from video sharing, the app can also be used for live streaming mini-games with the viewers.

How to Guide Your Kids Before They Use Funimate?

Well, the app requires its users to be a minimum of 13 years of age. However, still, your young teenager will require some parental guidance if they think about using this app.

  • Discuss with your kid about how Funimate, TikTok, and apps likewise are criticized online and how to deal with such criticism.
  • There are some pros and many cons of online performance. Discuss with your kids regarding how to take precautions before creating videos and publishing them online.
  • Let them think about self-esteem and how social media is quite good at bringing it down. “Likes” are not that much important. Your kid’s worth cannot be measured by some people watching their videos in social media.

So, Is The App Safe for Kids?

As a parent, you will really appreciate the app. Especially the privacy settings regarding who can comment on the videos and who can collaborate with the user, etc. For older kids, the app can be considered to be safer once the kids are concerned about protecting their privacy.

The only risk is, there is no such restriction over videos. Kids can easily be exposed to videos consisting explicit lyrics, bullies or other videos having content intended for a mature audience. Since creating an account is not that much difficult, anyone can create an account and use it to bully someone via social media. As a precaution, it is advised for parents to regularly check their kid’s account.

Since there is a follow option, all users are coming in contact with unknown users regularly. You can check your kid’s friend list regularly to monitor any suspicious activity. In short, if properly monitored by parents who would tweak some changes in the privacy settings, the app is fun to use for kids who want to great creative with video editing.


Twitter Rolls out New Feature – Redesigned Camera On It’s App

Twitter has recently redesigned some of the features in its camera. The updated app will allow the users to add hashtags, use color labels, overlay location as well as capture media elements. According to Tech Crunch, media elements will now be displayed in a more immersive and larger format with the image displayed before the texts in the tweets. The main objective behind the redesign is to offer the users, the ability to portray more visual content which they click using the device’s real-time camera.

Is The New Design Aimed To Surpass The Rivals?

Twitter is not launching any feature like dedicated photo feeds or stories to rival its competitor Instagram. The aim of the company is to become a real-time lens rather than becoming an interpretation of a lens through words by other people.

The enhanced camera will allow more people to shoot and post media, making the app accessible interpretation users overwhelmed by text content. An increasing amount of visual content will also allow the company to slip in more visual ads between the feeds.

Any Changes in the Algorithm?

According to the official statement released by Twitter, the camera won’t have a boost in the algorithm while creating tweets. Rather, the entire procedure is a combination of the technical and human mind. It will users to the feeds section and just like Instagram or Facebook, many huge brands or media organizations will take advantage of this new feature and stand out among the others in the feed.

What is New in the User Interface?

Once you swipe left in the timeline, you will find a camera shutter button just like Snapchat, which will record pics with just a tap, and record videos when the user holds it. Videos will be a maximum of 2minutes in length.

There is also a live broadcast feature where with a simple swap you can record and broadcast live audio as well as video. Based on big events happening nearby, Twitter will also suggest hashtags to the users. You can also add your own hashtag, along with location and caption.

However, currently, there isn’t any light enhancements, stickers or other tools in the camera like the way it is in the default image uploader which users see while composing a tweet. Twitter is currently focusing on tags that will channel the conversations on the right track instead of improving the user experience of its media.

Based on its previous records, Twitter is a bit afraid of bringing any sudden changes into their system since it may disturb the longtime users of Twitter. But currently, for keeping up with their competitors they are bringing in new changes and have pushed out the new camera feature early for getting feedback from its users. They finally understood that being scared to try out new things will do nothing but leave Twitter behind the competitors.

In general, Twitter users won’t find any replacement app that offers the feature of flexible constant conversation. The new camera probably won’t change anything in that as well. However, shifting to communication-based on visual media can make the app more comfortable to a genre of users who converse through images.


Microsoft Xbox Live Feature IS Coming To IOS & Android Games Soon

Finally, after years of waiting, Microsoft is finally bringing its gaming network, Xbox Live to Android and iOS devices. For game developers, Microsoft is launching a cross-platform compatible mobile SDK that will bring the functionalities of Xbox Live to games that can be played on Android and iOS. For now, family settings, Gamerscore, friend list, achievements, clubs, hero stats, and certain other features will be available on Android and iOS.

Why Microsoft Took This Decision?

The main aim behind this is to make Xbox services and games available on different platforms. Professionals who develop games will now be able to choose features of Xbox Live that they want to integrate into their mobile games. All features will be enabled by your Microsoft Account’s single sign-on. Identity network is used by Microsoft for supporting privacy, login, child accounts, and online safety.

Chief of Microsoft Gaming Cloud, Kareem Choudhry, stated that their belief lies in the gaming community and Xbox Live will always be the heart of their gaming community. In a media briefing he said, in the last few years, they have taken Minecraft, one of Microsoft’s popular game to different platforms. Their plan is to do the same with Xbox live. Uniting all the communities will provide a singular experience to the gamers. Microsoft’s aim is to make game developers follow a Minecraft like approach and spread Xbox Live across more mobile games.

Is There any Business Approach to this Idea?

Microsoft was aware of the poor performance of Xbox One. To justify their presence in the world of gaming, they thought it was best to embed their services across multiple platforms. As per Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, console business has not been proven to be that much profitable as expected. So they are targeting not the way of moneymaking, but to grow the user base.

A huge effort also lies in Game Pass. Microsoft is focusing on bringing Game Pass to the customer’s choice of device. This is because, their business model allow consumers to find out games that they will only play in a specific platform.

What About Other Platforms?

You have to wait a bit if you are willing to see Xbox Live at other platforms like PS4 or Nintendo Switch. As per Kareem Choudhry, their goal is to unite 2 billion gamers worldwide and they don’t have any special announcement as to when they will release Xbox Live for other platforms. If Sony is willing to become a partner, there is a chance that Xbox Live will be available for PS4 as well.